We are built

for more

Our job more than just finding the right candidate for your business need. We are building and shaping the recruitment for the space sector in India — one awesome human being at a time.

We shine bright

We built Quasara just like the galactic nucleus that shines so brightly that it eclipses the ancient galaxies that contain it.

We are not your run-of-the-mill yet another recruitment firm — looking to make a cut by connecting the candidate to a job listing.
We are built for more.

We invest in our clients by understanding their business needs, and our candidates by understanding their motivation, aspiration and dreams, before we make a match.

We help redefine careers

Quasara was built on the passions of recruitment veterans. Over the last 6 years, we have worked with many clients to find recruitment solutions for them, including, setting up offshore centres of Walmart, State Street, EagleView, Maersk, Delta Airlines and the likes.

This is a journey where we believe in people who can walk this path full of challenges and learning curves while crossing new milestones every day, striving towards success.

We help redefine careers

Our team contains everyday people, from all walks of the life who believe in transforming themselves and their surroundings to see the change they want to bring in.

We continue to delve into the more difficult aspects of our work to find solutions, infusing as much creativity as we possibly can in our search for hitting the right talent.