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the new launchpad!

It can enable you to be a part of the exciting Space sector! Quasara can help you fit Space into your career options to make your dreams a reality.

How can you create this awesome path for yourself?

Step 01:
Discover new possibilities

The Space industry is more than just astronauts and satellites. There are endless opportunities to launch careers that cater to varied specialities! There is a way to match your strengths and your passions and use them in exciting new ways!

Are you ready to reach for the stars?

Step 02: Make an awesome plan

Once you have your niche in your mind, make an awesome plan to reach your goals. Then plan backwards to see what skills and strengths you need to develop and make an actionable plan. Talk to someone who is doing what you want to do and follow their footsteps.

What can you start doing today?

Step 03:
Nurture a growth mindset

Knowing you can develop and grow any skill that you wish to, can become your winning wild card - it can even trump talent or luck! Learn how to bounce back quickly from failure and how to learn from it.

Keep your eyes on your goal and know that you can do it!

Step 04:
Get future ready

Space sector is growing at a breakneck pace. Spend time reading, learning and developing relevant skills that can get you future ready. Remember to also add a dash of people skills and emotional intelligence to separate you from the pack and give you an edge. These skills will be valued by any employer in any industry!

Step 05:
Network intelligently

Moving ahead in your career is affected by who you know and making yourself visible. Build a network of relevant contacts, participate in industry events, nurture your older connections and keep in touch.

Explore new possibilities!

Privacy Policy

Space Settlement Contest

This annual space settlement design contest for 6-12th grade students has been sponsored by NASA Ames Research Center from 1994-2018, for the last several years in conjunction with the National Space Society. The single highest scoring team or individual attending ISDC will receive the Herman Rubin Award for $5,000.

International Space Settlement Design Competition

This annual contest puts high school students in the shoes of aerospace industry engineers designing a city in space that will house over 10,000 people. Student engineers demonstrate creativity, technical competence, management skills, environmental knowledge, space, teamwork, and presentation techniques to conquer the problems inherent in siting and designing a Space Settlement (Space Colony).

LEO Art Challenge

LEO stands for Low Earth Orbit and is a region of space located between 150 and 2000 km (99 and 1200 miles) above Earth’s surface. Learn about, imagine & share the exciting LEO environment as a professional engineer, designer, advertiser, writer, or artist that has been hired to create promotional materials about LEO and its environment. This contest, sponsored by the National Space Society’s SpacEdge program, invites students like you to participate.

Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest

The Jim Baen Memorial Writing is a Science fiction contest for writers who create positive stories about man’s future in space. They will be rewarded with the professional publication, NSS membership, and an award presented each year at the ISDC. Winning entries aren’t pulp tales about galactic empires or alien abductions, but serious near-future stories about the sacrifice, heroics, adventure and discovery with our expansion into the solar system. Note that the contest opens on October 1st of each year, and is closed for submissions on February 1st of the following year.

Space Camp Scholarships

Scholarships are available for Space Camp, Space Academy, Advanced Space Academy, Aviation Challenge Mach I, Mach II and Mach III, and Cyber Camp. Applicants must be age 9-18 and in grades 4 through 12. Full scholarships cover tuition, room and meals for summer six-day weeklong, individual camp programs and are valid for one year. Transportation and incidentals are the responsibility of the scholarship recipient.

Privacy Policy

The SpaceX Internship Program

SpaceX is currently seeking top talent to join their Intern Program. Our year-round program offers an unparalleled opportunity to play a direct role in transforming space exploration and helping us realize the next evolution of humanity as a multi-planetary species.

NASA Internships

NASA internships and fellowships leverage NASA’s unique missions and programs to enhance and increase the capability, diversity and size of the nation’s future science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce. Internships are available from high school to graduate level. Internships provide students with the opportunity to participate in either research or other experiential learning, under the guidance of a mentor at NASA.

ISRO Internships

The programmes include Internships [summer Internship, Winter Internship, Long Term Internship], curriculum-based projects [Projects for B.E., B.Tech, M.E., M.Tech, etc], the conduct of multi-theme and multi-level training programme/awareness workshops, etc. 

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