Maybe they’re communicating with you?

Maybe aliens having been trying to communicate with us, or maybe not! But, we surely are! Read on to know more about recruitment, job listings and news in the space sector.

Useful Websites:


Every Astrophile’s Dream.
This an interactive website that lets you access high-resolution images, data, videos, news and latest findings on distant stars, galaxies and other cosmic wonders under the famous Hubble Space Telescope project. A unique learning platform for amateur astronomers, research students and curious readers to learn about the science and technology behind the Hubble Telescope.
Access HD images, videos, articles, eBooks, press releases and other learning resources compiled from researches and observations into the deepest corners of the universe.

Portal to The Universe

 All in One Hub for Space-Nerds!
This is the one stop source for all the latest news and buzz in the astronomy field. Perfect for students, curious readers, educators and research scientists, the site features Latest News, Blogs, Videos, Vodcasts, Podcasts and Audiobooks.The portal lets you search and use live and near-live data, images, telescope relay and spacecraft positions. PTTU comes with its own version of free IOS App that keeps you updated with the real-time developments in astronomical sciences, space exploration and related events.

Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy

Taking you on a historical journey of World Astronomical Heritage 
An integrated web portal for UNESCO’s Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative, supported by the International Working Group on Astronomy and World Heritage and by the International Astronomical Union through its Commission C4 on World Heritage and Astronomy.

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