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10 Resources You Must Check Out To Learn More About Space

Space is the latest and most exciting and upcoming sector! 

There is so much happening at breakneck speed! If you are interested in a career in space, then you must read up to stay abreast with the latest news. 

And we, at Quasara, have put a helpful list of websites, blogs, books and more, so you can get cracking!  


Every Astrophile’s Dream.

This an interactive website that lets you access high-resolution images, data, videos, news and latest findings on distant stars, galaxies and other cosmic wonders under the famous Hubble Space Telescope project. A unique learning platform for amateur astronomers, research students and curious readers to learn about the science and technology behind the Hubble Telescope.

Access HD images, videos, articles, eBooks, press releases and other learning resources compiled from researches and observations into the deepest corners of the universe.


2) Portal to The Universe

All in One Hub for Space-Nerds!

This is the one stop source for all the latest news and buzz in the astronomy field. Perfect for students, curious readers, educators and research scientists, the site features Latest News, Blogs, Videos, Vodcasts, Podcasts and Audiobooks.

The portal lets you search and use live and near-live data, images, telescope relay and spacecraft positions. PTTU comes with its own version of free IOS App that keeps you updated with the real-time developments in astronomical sciences, space exploration and related events.


You won’t be bored again!

VIEW SPACE is an interactive website offering amazing videos, picture galleries and media that makes you forget time and get lost in the marvellous world of deep-space. With a web collection of several High-Definition Digital libraries, VIEW SPACE has many surprises for its viewers.

Founded by a team of scientists the website is frequently updated with fresh media and digital content. Explore far-off objects, Deep Space Regions, and Recorded Feeds from leading observatories in the world.


Explained with Ease!

Loved by the scientific community, LiveScience is the most interesting source for information on Space and hosts an interesting array of blogs, news & articles. At LiveScience, you will find curated content on Space, Astronomy, Physics and Space-technology and can read the researches by prominent authors, scientists and astrophysicists.

5) The Universe Today- Our Current Understanding and How It Was Achieved

By Martins, Carlos

Not a Bedtime Read!

Take a journey with the author as he explains the mysteries of space. He starts by asking the age-old pertinent questions on the origin of the Universe, the birth of stars and the formation of galaxies and goes on to shed light on complex issues in his simple yet engaging writing. Replete with scientific wisdom, interesting facts and thought-provoking questions, the book gives an overview of how our perception of the Universe has changed over time to evolve into what it is today.

Available at:

6) Space News

 Frontline Reporting on the Final Frontier!

SPACE NEWS is the web portal for online publication on events, news and analysis of current events in the Space Industry. With a credible history of well-researched content, it serves as the ultimate portal for reading up on the latest events in the Space Tech, Space Science, Politics, Military, Space Flight, Commercial Spaceflight and Launch Missions.

Space News also publishes a Monthly-Magazine. Space NEWS makes available unique and frequent Webinars for its members. Their online community is 50,000 strong and their community calendars host Space-related events lined up for its members throughout the year.

7) The Smithsonian History of Space Exploration 

By Roger D. Launius

From the Past and Back to the Future!

The perfect coffee table book that takes you on a journey of space exploration. Illustrated with some breath-taking pictures, the book undertakes a detailed exploration of the cosmic mysteries and enlightens the reader on the historical evolution of space-science. With an interesting coverage of space-flight and space-programs throughout history, the book captures the adventures of humanity’s baby steps in the cosmos.

Written by the Director of Smithsonian Museum, this book is apt for readers of all ages as it sparks curiosity in the reader right from the first page.  

Available at:

8) Cosmos: Possible Worlds (2020)

Documentary Series

Exceeding Imagination- A Space Classic!

Following the footsteps of the 1980s PBS show “Cosmos A Personal Voyage (1980)”, and the recent prequel Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014), this 3rd series in the Cosmos Trilogy takes us into the future with its engaging storytelling and amazing cinematography & animations. Presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson, a famous American Astrophysicist, the mini-tv series has 10 episodes.

Exciting, invigorating and lucid- The series is a visual delight with beautiful shots of Earth locations and a mix of super cool animations. With a slight connotation of a philosophical or spiritual inquiry, the series takes the viewer to uncharted realms.

9)  Space News Pod

Host: Wil Waldon

Podcast Alert- Houston Calling!

Started in 2014, Space News Podcast is rapidly growing. With an informative tone, the hosts talk about space science, space flights and space-technology.  

 A trending channel on YouTube, the show is subscribed by over 60k + space enthusiasts, astronomers, students and researchers from world-over. On Apple Podcasts, users can select podcasts from a wide range of more than 460 episodes with themes like SpaceX, Starship Launch, Search for Life, Mars Colonization and many more. 


10) Main Engine Cut-off

Host: Anthony Colangelo

The Best Space News Source Out There!

With a staggering 4.9 rating, the podcast hosted by US-based Anthony Colangelo, a passionate Space enthusiast, who discusses hot topics with industry leaders and experts. With over 182 episodes as of 2020, the podcast is an excellent source of credible news, information and opinion on issues like Space Flights, Space Exploration, Space technology, Space Industry and Policy.

Download your favourite podcasts and listen offline on the go! The website offers News updates, Newsletter and Subscription services for weekly updates. Highly recommended for those who want to keep a tab on the latest trends in Space Industry and Exploration.

Link to Podcast:

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